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12 Essential Facts about Bounty Chocolate Bars

Bounty is a classic coconut flavoured chocolate confectionary product produced by Mars Wrigley, that is sold as two small bars. The milk chocolate version comes in a blue and white wrapper, and the dark version has a red and white wrapper, although the latter is not as widely available.

Here are our 12 essential facts about Bounty chocolate bars...

1. 48% of people hate the taste of Bounty

The moist coconut filling is certainly an acquired taste that divides opinion, with a 2022 survey conducted by Mars for their Celebrations range, showing that 48% of people dislike the taste. However, 18% said it was their favourite out of the eight varieties available. 38% of over-55s chose the mini Bounty as their preferred bar. 

Personally, I adore Bounty and enjoy the contrast between the snap of the chocolate shell against the soft, moist, syrupy coconut filling, although I much prefer the dark version. The snap works best if you store them in the fridge.

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Bounty milk chocolate bar split open with packaging

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2. Bounty was voted as Britain's third favourite chocolate bar

In a shock poll by Vouchercodes.com in 2018, which surveyed 2000 people about Britain's favourite chocolate bar, Bounty came in third place, with Cadbury's Dairy Milk at No.1 and Mars Snickers at No.2. Surprisingly, Galaxy did not make the list.

3. Bounty was removed from Celebrations in 2022

In the run-up to Christmas 2022, following the aforementioned survey, the mini Bounty bars were removed from a limited edition Mars' Celebrations range. However, this was a temporary trial.

4. Bounty launched in the 1950s

Mars launched Bounty in the UK and Canada in 1951 as a rival to the Peter Paul/Hershey's product Mounds, which looks and tastes very similar, but has a dark chocolate coating. Almond Joy by The Hershey Company also looks similar and contains shredded almonds mixed with coconut. This was introduced in 1946. Mounds and Almond Joy are only available in the U.S.

5. There is a fruit and nut version

In 2022, a Triple Treat version of Bounty was launched, which is 75% fruit and nut, and high in fibre. Ingredients include dates, raisins, peanuts and desiccated coconut, which are dipped and drizzled with milk chocolate.

2 x Bounty Triple Treat bars, one with wrapper and one without

6. There are cherry, mango and pineapple versions

Unfortunately, these versions were limited editions and can't be bought in the UK at the present time. The cherry version has been sold in Australia since 2013, although limited editions were available before this. Mango was available as a limited edition version in Russia, Ukraine and Europe, and the pineapple version was made available in Russia only during 2014.

7. Production of the dark chocolate version ceased in 2022

If you're a fan of this version, then you may have been dismayed in 2022 when Mars Wrigley stopped producing the dark version of Bounty, but they did state this was a "temporary" measure. The 57g dark chocolate version reappeared in ASDA and Sainsbury's stores during 2023.

Bounty dark chocolate bar with red wrapper against a tropical beach backdrop

8. There was an erotic ad campaign in the 1970s

A series of exotic and slightly erotic, tropical-themed "Bounty Hunters" TV adverts were shown in the UK during the 1970s, with the slogan "A taste of Paradise". One advert featured an attractive bare-chested male diver and a wet female diver slowly unzipping her diving suit, with a close-up of her cleavage. In the advert, the narrator describes Bounty as "tender coconut, moist with pure syrup and lavished by thick milk chocolate". The relaxing music featured the lyric "The bounty hunters are here, and searching for a paradise". 

9. There was a Bounty Return Scheme in 2021

During 2021, a "Bounty Return Scheme" was launched, in which consumers of Celebrations were able to return their unwanted Bounty chocolates and swap them for Maltesers instead!

10. There is a triple bar version

If two bars isn't enough for you, then you'll be pleased to know that Bounty also comes as a Trio version with 3 bars!

A display box filled with Bounty Trio chocolate bars

11. Bounty is available as a high protein energy snack

Bounty Hi-Protein is an energy snack which has a more chewy texture than the original version. Each 52g bar contain 18 grams of protein.

12. Bounty is no longer sold in the United States

Bounty was launched as a rival version of Mounds in the U.S., and there are rumours that Mars was banned from selling Bounty in the U.S. because it was too similar. However, we have been unable to find any solid evidence that it was actually banned. Bounty is still sold in Canada, though. 


This is a list of ingredients for a standard 57g bar sold in the United Kingdom

Sugar, Desiccated Coconut (21%), Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk Powder, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E471), Lactose, Milk Fat, Whey Powder (from milk), Humectant (Glycerol), Salt, Natural Vanilla Extract, Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14% minimum.

I hope you enjoyed our 12 essential facts about Bounty chocolate. You may also like our Top 10 Facts About Galaxy Chocolate.

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