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5 Essential Facts About Blue Riband Chocolate Biscuits

Blue Riband is a popular, retro crispy wafer biscuit snack, coated in milk chocolate (47%), with three creamy praline layers and four wafer layers inside.  Each biscuit is individually wrapped in a blue wrapper and sold in multipacks. 

Here are our top 5 essential facts about Blue Riband Chocolate Biscuits...

1. Each biscuit is just 99 calories

The biscuit bar currently contains 99 Calories, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so can be enjoyed as an occasional snack treat without piling on the pounds! The chocolate contains 100% certified sustainable cocoa.

Girl eating a Blue Riband chocolate biscuit in 1985

2. It was advertised by Mr. Spooner from Are You Being Served?

During the mid-1980s, the wafer bar became particularly popular after a British TV advert campaign, which featured the actor Mike Berry, who played Mr. Spooner in the BBC Sitcom Are You Being Served? In the adverts, he can be heard singing the "Blue Riband Blues". The adverts included the slogan "The biscuit to beat the blues".

3. The biscuit was launched in 1936

Blue Riband was introduced in 1936 and produced in Glasgow by Gray Dunn, a subsidiary of Rowntree Mackintosh. They also produced other popular chocolate biscuits such as Caramel Wafer and Breakaway, both of which are also still available to buy from most British supermarkets today.

4. They are no longer made in the UK

After Rowntree's was sold to Nestle, the Glasgow factory closed down in 1994 and production moved to Newcastle. In 2017, it was announced that production was moving to Poland.

5. You can still buy them!

Despite often being regarded as a retro classic from the 20th century, Blue Riband Original can still be purchased from most UK supermarkets in packs of 8 or 16. You can also purchase a Blue Riband Dark on Amazon.

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I hope you enjoyed reading our 5 essential facts about Blue Riband. You can watch one of the adverts from the 1980s above.


Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat (Palm, Mango Kernel/ Sal/Shea), Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder (from Milk), Maltodextrin, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Natural Flavourings, Salt.

Allergy Information:

May contain peanuts. May contain soya. May contain tree nuts. Contains wheat and milk.

16 pack of Blue Riband Original and 8 pack of Blue Riband Dark

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