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Aerolicious? Unusual Aero Chocolate Flavours You May Never Have Tried!

Aero was the very first aerated chocolate bar, and was introduced in England by Rowntree's in 1935 in the classic Peppermint flavour. The bar of bubbly joy caused such a sensation, that by 1935 it had reached the U.S., and went global soon afterwards.

The two flavours that have endured over the years are Aero Milk Chocolate (which was introduced in the 1970s) and the aforementioned Aero Peppermint, which are still manufactured by Nestlé. However, there have been numerous other flavours released over the years, some of which are pretty unusual, it has to be said!

So, let's have a look at them...

Selection of Aero chocolate bars with unusual flavours; Coffee, Rum, Strawberry, Lime, Brownie, Black Forest, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee


Chocolate and lime can work together quite well, but it's not a combination you see very often here in the United Kingdom. Lime flavoured Aero was introduced in 1971. There were also Aero Plain & Milk and Orange flavours around in this year. It wasn't around for long, though, and it doesn't appear to have resurfaced since then, which is probably for good reason! 

Coffee Aero wrapper (price 9d), white and brown


I am a big fan of the coffee and chocolate combination, although I know that it really divides opinion! But yes, there was once an Aero Coffee flavour in the 1960s (price 9d) and it was delicious. I'm pretty sure I remember it being around in the 1970s, too, but have been unable to find any evidence online. 

In 1996, a limited edition Cappuccino Aero was introduced in the UK, and there has also been a Latte, although in which year exactly, I do not know.

Green Tea

While it may be very good for you, Green tea is an acquired taste, and the idea of this flavour being inside an Aero may not sound very appetizing to some, including myself. Nonetheless, the flavour has been popular in Japan, along with Hot Milk. The website Oyatsu Break reviewed Aero Green Tea, on March 28, 2012, and was pretty positive, described it as having "a pleasant, mild green tea taste". 

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Vanilla Yoghurt

Now, I adore vanilla ice cream, but I have never tried the flavour in chocolate, and the idea of a tangy vanilla yoghurt flavour in a bubbly Aero seems a little unusual. This flavour was available in Canada during 2006, but not in the UK. 

Vanilla Milkshake

This flavour has only been available in Japan, and I believe it was around at the same time as the Green Tea flavour in 2012. 

Three Strawberry Flavour Aero chocolate bars from 1970. Red and white wrappers with pink background


During the early 1970s, Rowntree's appeared to be experimenting with new flavours, and in 1970 they introduced Aero Strawberry. Now that actually sounds delicious to me, but sadly it wasn't around for long. However, there have been limited editions since then, and Nestlé have released Strawberry flavour and Strawberry Scoop (ice cream) as a limited edition in Canada in recent years, and Strawberry was available in Ukraine until around 2021. UK residents could buy this as an import from Snackchest.co.uk.

Irish Cream

If you live in the UK then, unfortunately, you will probably never have seen an Irish Cream Aero, as it was only available in Ireland for a limited period in 2004. However, in the same year, a Caramel Aero was available in the UK as a limited edition, and it reappeared again in 2011.

Pink Lemonade

This flavour was first available in 2011, when Nestle introduced their Aero Biscuits range. It was not included in their chocolate range. The biscuits have not been available for some time now.


Milk chocolate Aero with Cranberry was available around 2000/2001. It featured a mix of milk and white chocolate with a cranberry flavoured centre. 

Aero Sticky Toffee Chocolate Bar from 2005 with golden coloured wrapper with bubbles

Sticky Toffee

Who doesn't like a sticky toffee pudding, and it was available as an Aero flavour for a limited time back in 2005, but only in Ireland. This flavour seems to be particularly popular around Halloween, and is added to a range of products at this time.

Plain Chocolate Rum Flavour Aero wrapper from the 1970s, white with blue text. Price 4p

Plain Chocolate Rum

This sounds delicious, and if it tasted anything like Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica, then I would definitely have bought a bar. This flavour was around during the early 1970s (price 4p), and as I was a child back then, plain chocolate would not have been my choice, although my Mum may well have bought one of these. It came with a blue and white wrapper, as shown above.


Okay, so honeycomb isn't unusual, although it is only for those with a very sweet tooth. It has been available as an Aero flavour (with honeycomb pieces) at various times. Currently, you can buy Aero Golden Honeycomb Melts in an 86g sharing pouch, along with Chocolate Melts and Orange Melts. Also available is the Nescafé Gold, Aero Golden Honeycomb Mocha drink, which comes in a pack with 7 sachets.

White Chocolate Aero

A white version which had a sweet, white chocolate centre was made available for a limited period in the run-up to Christmas in 1998 and 2002.

2 x Aero Truffle Bars, Tiramisu and Brownie flavours with chocolate coloured background

Aero Truffle

The latest Aero Truffle range includes five exciting flavours based on classic dessert dishes, and these are Chocolate Mousse, Black Forest gâteau, Tiramisu, Nanaimo and Brownie. 

Current Aero Flavours (2023)

Aero is currently available in bars in the following flavours; Peppermint, Milk Chocolate and Caramel. The larger sharing blocks are also available in Dark & Milk, Dark & Milk Peppermint, Golden Honeycomb and Orange. Sharing bags (pouches) are available as Golden Honeycomb Melts, Chocolate Melts, Orange Melts, Caramel Melts, Peppermint Bubbles and Intense Orange.

Aero Desserts

A tasty chilled desserts range is available. The Bubbly Mousse range includes the flavours Mint & Choc, Chocolate Caramel and Dark & Milk, and there is also a Creations Milk Chocolate Mousse. Aero can also be bought as a hot chocolate drink.

Aero Intense Orange is quite unusual compared to other chocolate orange flavours, and has a very strong orange flavour.

Three bars of Aero from the 1970s. Lime, Plain & Milk and Orange, price 4p

Aero Lime, Plain & Milk and Orange (1971)

Aero Cappuccino Limited Edition Bar (1996), brown and cream wrapper

Aero Cappuccino, limited edition from 1996

I hope you have enjoyed discovering all the unusual flavours of Aero that you may (or may not!) have tried. You may also like our post Nestlé Munchies and Mintola - A Brief History

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