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Cadbury's Bar Six - The Vending Machine Favourite!

Cadbury's Bar Six was introduced in the 1950s, and became particularly popular during the 1970s and 80s. It's flat, rectangular shape made it ideal for stacking into vending machines, and it became a favourite at railway stations, hospitals and swimming baths across the UK. 

Cadbury produced their own vending machines dedicated solely to Bar Six, and also machines with a choice of their most popular bars, including Snack, Dairy Milk and Fruit & Nut.

Cadbury Bar Six wrapper, orange and white (Canadian)

Bar Six wrapper from the 1960s, which was orange and white with a brown title font

The milk chocolate wafer bar was named Bar Six because it was designed to be snapped into six fingers, and was similar in taste and texture to a Rowntree's Kit Kat and Terry's Waifa, although with the addition of a layer of hazelnut cream, which made it superior.

Bar Six saw a decline in popularity during the 1990s, and was discontinued in the early 2000s.

But anyone who grew-up in the second half of the 20th century will have fond memories of purchasing a bar six from a vending machine. Its distinctive, eye-catching bright orange wrapper made it stand out from other chocolate bars, which only added to its popularity.

Cadbury Bar Six was also popular in Canada during the 1960s.

Cadbury's Bar Six with orange wrapper and yellow text title

Cadbury's Bar Six from the 1970s. The wrapper was still orange, but now with yellow title text with a black outline.

Cadbury's Bar Six wrapper from 1988, purple and white with red title text

Later in the 1980s and during the 90s, the wrapper became the classic Cadbury's white and purple colour with a gold logo and a red title font. This wrapper is from 1988, and is the one I remember the most.

Alternative Wafer Bars

There are several alternative chocolate wafer bars that you can still buy today. These include Cadbury's Time Out, Rowntree's Kit Kat, and Nestlé Blue Riband.

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