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Can You Still Buy Cadbury Tiffin Chocolate Bars?

Primarily available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Cadbury Tiffin is a raisin and biscuit chocolate bar that launched in 1937 - it graced the shelves of British sweet shops for 35 years. However, it was discontinued in 1972 due to a decline in sales, leaving fans distraught. 

The bar has been reintroduced several times since then, but can you still buy it today? 


In the late 1970s, Rowntree's introduced a raisin and biscuit Yorkie bar, which filled the void—it's still available today, although it has been owned by Nestle since 1989. While the Yorkie is a very decent alternative (there are some who prefer it), many still missed the uniqueness of Cadbury milk chocolate. 

Cadbury's Classics Tiffin chocolate bar wrapper, orange brown (1970s)

This Cadbury's Classics Tiffin bar orange brown wrapper is from the 1970s

1980s and 90s

With Cadbury discovering that the Yorkie had successfully taken this segment of the market from them, they relaunched Tiffin in 1985. The return of Tiffin in the 1980s delighted fans, who rushed out to stock up on the chocolate bar after a 13-year absence. 

The bar continued to sell reasonably well through the 1990s, although sales were showing signs of slowing down toward the end of the decade.


With sales continuing to slow down in the noughties, In 2003, Cadbury Tiffin was discontinued again. The confectionery giant's announcement that it would be ceasing production left fans devastated for a second time. 


In the summer of 2016, a Limited Edition Tiffin bar appeared on British supermarket shelves. THe 95g bar was priced at £1.49, and just three million were produced. There was one slight difference. This time, it was branded Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin. 

The original Dairy Milk chocolate bar, which is made with a blend of milk chocolate and cocoa butter, is the No.1 bar in the UK. With the Tiffin retaining the classic recipe and the unrivalled creaminess of Dairy Milk, with biscuit pieces and raisins for a textural and flavour contrast, consumers rushed out to stock up on the chocolate bar, once more.

This was only a limited trial, but it was successful, and Cadbury (owned by Mondelez International since 2010) reintroduced Tiffin in 2017.


Tiffin was available to buy in the UK and Ireland during the early years of the 2020s. We are pleased to announce that Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin is available to buy in 2024 in the UK and Ireland. How long for? We can't answer that one, but it would be wise to keep a generous supply to hand, just in case!

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Wrapper Designs

Numerous wrapper designs have appeared in the eight decades that the chocolate bar has been sold. In the 1970s, the wrapper was orange brown, which was a colour that was very popular back then. The wrapper was mainly purple from the 1980s onwards, although often with splashes of the classic orange brown colour. 

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Two Cadbury Tiffin chocolate bars with different wrappers
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