02 Nov
Golden Cup Chocolate Bar

Golden Cup is a milk chocolate bar that was produced by Mackintosh's during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and then by Nestlé from 1988 into the 1990s. It contained six segments filled with a gooey soft toffee centre. The bar was wrapped in foil and came with several different wrapper designs during its production run. 

Golden Cup was produced by Rowntree Mackintosh from 1969 following a merger, but the chocolate bar retained the Mackintosh's name. After a takeover by Nestlé in 1988, the Mackintosh's name was eventually replaced with the Nestlé branding.

Mackintosh's Golden Cup wrapper. White an gold with yellow text logo and red surround

Can you still buy Golden Cup chocolate bar?

Unfortunately, no. The bar was discontinued by Nestlé in 2000. An alternative chocolate bar that is most like Golden Cup is Cadbury's Caramel, which also comes in segments and contains a soft toffee centre. 

Other products produced by Mackintosh's were Hazel Cup and Minty Cup, which were also discontinued.

Wrapper designs

The original wrapper was white with the logo in gold lettering with a rose-red surround. This wrapper was used through part of the 1970s when the price was 3p to 5p. The wrapper was given a facelift later in the 1970s (we are unsure of the exact year), and became red and gold, giving it a more luxurious feel. The text logo was dramatically altered, becoming more refined and losing its 70s fatness and with red and brown text.

The final wrapper design by Nestlé was gold, with the 1970s yellow and red font logo making a return. It was discontinued at some point in the 2000s, but we have been unable to find the exact year and reason for this. However, falling sales is the most logical reason.

Mackintosh's was formed by John Mackintosh in 1890 in Halifax, Yorkshire. He gained the nickname "The toffee King" because of his company's speciality of making toffee in the early years. The company also produced tins of Golden Toffee (which were particularly popular in the 1960s and 70s), Toffee Crisp, Caramac and Rolo.

Mackintosh's Golden Cup wrapper (second version), red and gold

This is the more sophisticated second wrapper design.

A petition to bring back Golden Cup was started on Change.org in 2017, although only gained 147 supporters and was closed down.


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