03 Jul
Milk Chocolate Footballs - a retro favourite!

Like myself, many people have happy, nostalgic memories of eating milk chocolate footballs during their childhood. They were a popular treat in the UK back in the 20th century, and remain so today. 

They are, of course, a fraction of the size of a real football, and were originally purchased loose from high street sweet shops as penny sweets. Each solid milk chocolate ball is individually wrapped in foil, which is printed with a hexagon pattern based on a classic football. The foil is printed in black and white or mixed colours, such as red, blue, green and yellow. 

The shopkeeper would store them in trays or jars, and weigh them out and place them into a brown paper bag for the customer. Some shops may have sold them individually for around 1p or 2p each.

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Bag of chocolate footballs with pink background

You can still buy chocolate footballs online today and from retro sweet shops and Amazon. They are a very popular choice with young football fans and adults who remember eating them in their younger years.

The novelty chocolates are ideal for handing out at sports themed parties and events, and can be added to goodie bags and cones, and used as children's party favours.

They can also be bought in individual colours and in gift jars.

Chocolate footballs are sometimes bought as a sweet treat for consuming at home. They're also ideal for sharing out while watching a football match on the TV, and while viewing at a local pub on their big screen, or at the stadium itself, of course!

It's not just footballs that are made out of chocolate, other sports balls such as rugby and golf balls also have been give the choccie treatment, although these are more usually sold as mixed sports balls, rather than individually.

Chocolate footballs and players

You can also buy a net of chocolate footballs with player figures

Loose milk chocolate footballs individually wrapped in foil with black and white hexagan pattern
Loose chocolate footballs in hexagon pattern foil wrappers, multicoloured

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