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The Story of Fruit-tella: From Dutch Origins to Worldwide Delight.

In the world of confectionery, there are few treats as beloved as Fruit-tella. These chewy, square-shaped fruity sweets have been tantalising taste buds in the UK since the 1950s, and their enduring popularity speaks volumes about their deliciousness.


Izaak Van Melle started a small confectionery business in Breskens in 1900, in which his family became involved, which later became Van Melle NV. In 2001, the company merged with Perfetti SpA to become Prefetti Van Melle, who are the current producers of Fruit-tella.

Fruit-Tella sticks inc. Strawberry, Summer Fruits, Rainbow, Blackcurrant and Mini Sticks Lemon and Orange

Fruit-tella's journey began in 1931, when brothers Michael and Pierre Van Melle went on a trip to Poland to learn how to manufacture soft fruit chews. Here they encountered the original “Tell Dough”, which they brought back to the Netherlands, which led to the creation of Fruit-tella and its 1931 launch. 

The square fruit sweets quickly gained a devoted following in Europe and beyond, thanks to their rich fruity taste and unique texture. Over the years, Fruit-tella has expanded its range to include various flavours and product lines, but it remains true to its core promise: a burst of fruit flavour wrapped in a soft, chewy package.

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In 1950, the sweets were made available in sticks for the first time, and Fruit-tella was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1958

During the 1970s, the packaging was given a makeover, in line with many other sweet brands of the time, which were keen to stay on trend in a decade that had a very strong identity.

The fashion of the 1980s became very different to that of the 70s, and this also applied to sweet wrappers and logos. The brand was given another makeover in 1988.

2000 to present day

The new millennium brought with it changes in how people consumed their confectionary, with consumers taking a deeper interest in what is actually in their food, more particularly regarding E numbers and unnatural ingredients. With this in mind, a new Fruit-tella recipe was introduced in 2008, which includes only natural colours and flavours, including real fruit juice.  

In 2012, a limited edition 1980s version of Fruit-tella was introduced, featuring the original packaging design from the decade.

With an ever-growing demand for healthier foods from consumers, in 2016, new Sugar Free and Less Sugar ranges were.

In 2017, the packaging and logo were given a fresh update, with a more modern appearance.

Fruit-tella Gelatine Free launched in 2019, which are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Another redesign took place in 2021 with the packaging receiving a fresh new look, with the logo becoming flatter and losing its 3D white highlights.

In 2022, two more lines were introduced, the summery By the Sea and wintry In the Snow.

Pouch of Fruit-tella Zoo Mania. Green packaging with red title text and pictures of fruits sliced in half

Variety of Flavours

Fruit-tella offers a diverse range of flavours to suit various palates. While the classic stick range is a fan favourite, there are plenty of other tempting options to explore...

The Classic Range

Currently in the classic soft chew stick range are;


Summer Fruits 



Rainbow soft

These are available to buy separately or in multi-packs. 

Fruit First (Gummy Sweets)

Both of these come in a pouch and include;

Strawberry & Raspberry soft gummies

Mango & Peach soft gummies


This fun range for younger children is available in pouches (bags) and features jelly sweet shapes based on exciting themes.

Out in Space

On a Safari

In the Snow

By the Sea

Sharing Pouches

Duo Stix - A delightful combination of two flavours in one stick, such as apple and raspberry, lemon and strawberry, or orange and blackcurrant.

Berries & Cherry - featuring a deep and dark berry taste.

Simply Strawberry - delightfully summery and fruity.

Summer Fruits - exotic, tropical fruits that evoke the feeling of a summer vacation.

Juicy Chew - a vibrant mixture of fruit flavours

Sugar Free

This range features hard boiled sweets that come in a carton (small box)

Sugar Free Fruit Drops Citrus Mix

Sugar Free Fruit Drops Red Berry

Gelatine Free

These come in mixed fruit flavours available in bags, and are suitable for vegans


Sour Snakes


Fruit-tella has been advertised widely for many decades, and in the 1980s, a British TV ad compared the sweets with real fruit, using the slogan "Because fruit just isn't chewy enough". Such an advert would cause much controversy today, given that fruit is a healthier choice. 

Fruit-tella advert from the 1980s with slogan "because fruit just isn't chewy enough".

This is a screenshot from a 1980s TV advert which shows three sticks of Fruit-tellas with the slogan "Because fruit just isn't chewy enough".

This video clip features two "Too Juicy" adverts from the early 1990s, which both feature an amusing song based on the tune of "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.

Bag of Fruit-tella In The Snow Jellies with light blue packaging and snowflake background graphics

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