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Top 10 Facts about Fox's Glacier Mints
Polar bear standing on a glacier mint - Fox's Glacier Mints advert

Fox's Glacier Mints are clear boiled mint sweets that resemble an ice block. They give a cool sensation on your tongue and have a smooth texture. While some mints can be quite chalky, these are certainly not, and they have a natural peppermint flavouring and no artificial flavourings or colours added. The mints are also long-lasting when just sucked.

Here are our top 10 facts about Fox's Glacier Mints...

1. The original name was Acme Clear Mint Fingers

Fox's Glacier Mints were created by Eric Fox, and launched in the UK in 1918. They started life as Acme Clear Mint Fingers, which sounds like something from a Looney Tunes cartoon. Thankfully, Fox's wife suggested he change the name, and after running a competition to choose the name, they officially became Glacier Mints in 1919.

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2. The individually wrapped sweets were introduced in 1928

For ten years, the sweets were not individually wrapped, but to prevent the sweets from sticking together, particularly in the warmer weather, a decision was taken to place a protective wrapping around each one.

3. A dead polar bear was used to advertise the mints

It's an idea that would cause outrage today, but until 1969, a dead, stuffed polar bear was placed on display at promotional events. After the company was acquired by Rowntree in 1969, a cartoon bear was used instead. The polar bear was the creation of the artist Clarence Reginald Dalby. The bear was introduced into the advertising campaigns in 1922.

4. A series of mini cartoons was created for an advertising campaign

In the 1970s and 80s, there was a series of TV adverts featuring a cartoon fox named Eric and a polar bear name Peppy, and they became iconic. In many, but not all the TV adverts, the fox (named after the inventor of the mints, Eric Fox) tries desperately to claim what he believes is his "rightful place" on the glacier mint, but that stubborn bear never did move off it, and he always remained as cool as the glacier mint!

5.  The polar bear is still used as a mascot today

The iconic image of Peppy the polar bear standing on a Glacier mint still features on the packaging today, although he is drawn in a more modern style and looks very basic these days.

6. Glacier Mints were originally sold only in glass jars

The mint was originally advertised as "The finest peppermint in the world" and sold in glass jars. It was once commonplace for sweets to be on display in jars on the shelves of traditional sweet shops. They can still be bought in jars online, although they are now made from plastic, sadly.

7. Fox's was founded in 1880

The company was originally named Fox's Confectionary and was founded by Walter Richard Fox. The first factory was in York Road, Leicester, England. By the end of the 1800s, the factory was producing 100 lines of sweets. When the company was acquired by Rowntree in 1969, production was moved to Sunningdale Road in Braunstone Frith on the western side of Leicester, where the mints are still produced today. 

8. There were tropical and spearmint flavoured Glacier Mints

In 2018, the sweet celebrated 100 years of production with a limited edition tropical flavour (which included a variety of fruit flavours) and a spearmint flavour. Neither are available to buy today. However, you can still buy the sister product Glacier Fruits.

9. Fox's Chewy Mints were launched in 2023

A new peppermint flavoured chewy mint was launched by Fox's in 2023. However, it is not part of the Glacier range. Other products available include Glacier Moments Little Gifts, Glacier Moments Lemon, Mint & Elderflower, Glacier Moments After Dark and Sugar Free Glacier Moments Strawberry & Banana Smoothie.

10. Fox's is now owned by Valeo Foods

The Fox's brand was bought by Valeo Foods in 2015, and is part of their Valeo Confectionary subsidiary, alongside Barratt, Poppets, Taveners, Lion, XXX Extra Strong Mints and several other brands. 

A jar of Fox's Glacier Mints (2023)

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