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Top 5 Facts About Haribo Fried Egg Sweets

The Haribo Fried Egg is a classic retro sweet/gummy that has been enjoyed by many generations of children and adults alike. They have the appearance of a real fried egg, complete with a yellow yolk and a white outer layer. The visual resemblance to real fried eggs is part of their charm, and it's this novelty factor that makes them so popular

Here are our top 5 facts about Haribo Fried Eggs...

1. They were invented by the Germans

Despite being made to look like part of a traditional British breakfast (known affectionately as the "fry-up"), the Fried Egg sweet was actually invented by the German confectionary giant Haribo in the 1950s. The confectioner is hugely popular in the UK, and produces a wide-range of retro sweets.

2. They're a popular retro penny sweet in the UK

Back in the 20th century, many British sweet shops sold Fried Eggs as a traditional penny sweet. These were sold loose and in jars, where the customer could choose their own mix. They were also sold as part of pick 'n' mix, the latter being popular in the now defunct Woolworth's store chain.

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3. They do not taste of egg

They say looks can be deceptive, and although the candy looks like a mini version of a traditional fried egg, it does not taste like one - it's hard to imagine a sweet that actually tastes of fried egg! 

Instead, the centre has a delicious, mouth-watering fruity taste, which is quite peachy. The flavour is created using a range of fruit and plant concentrates. The egg white is flavoured with vanilla and has a soft, foamy texture (almost like marshmallow) and the yellow yolk centre is a harder gummy.

4. They now come in pocket-sized bags

Haribo Fried Eggs remain a very popular choice in many countries. The sweets can be bought in the traditional way - loose or in jars, depending on the supplier that you choose. However, these days, Haribo Fried Eggs also come in pocket-sized bags.

Haribo also include them in their popular Star Mix bags, which also includes Bears, Rings, Heart Throbs and Cola Bottles. 

5. They also come with pink and green yolks

Yes, it's true! The aforementioned small bags also include eggs with pink and green fruity yolks. This actually gives them the appearance of a UFO from an obscure 50s sci-fi B movie, although wouldn't it be great if real eggs came in these colours? Or maybe not!

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Bonus Fact: 

6. What are Haribo Fried Eggs made of?

The ingredients are glucose syrup; sugar; dextrose; gelatine; acid: citric acid; flavouring; fruit and plant concentrates: elderberry, lemon, mango, orange, passion fruit, safflower; glazing agents: beeswax, carnauba wax.

Allergy Information:

Currently dairy free, wheat free and nut free. Not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or a halal diet. Gummy Box sell Fried Eggs which contain halal beef gelatine. However these are not Haribo.

Please note that these ingredients are not guaranteed and are subject to change. 

Which Haribo sweets are suitable for vegetarians?

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