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Trebor Extra Strong Mints: The Cool and Refreshing Classic

When it comes to iconic mint sweets, Trebor Extra Strong Mints have earned their place among the classics. With their distinctively robust minty flavour, these mints have been a favourite among many generations of mint lovers.  

What sets Trebor Extra Strong Mints apart from other mint sweets is their intense and long-lasting mint flavour. These small, white, disc-shaped sweets are known for their strong, refreshing taste that can leave your mouth feeling cool and invigorated.

Extra Strong Mints were introduced in 1938 by Trebor Sharps, a company that was founded in 1907 by Robert Robertson and William Sharp. 

2 rolls of Trebor Extra Strong Mints from 2015. Peppermint and spearmint.

Image: Extra Strong Mints from 2015

Product Range

Products currently available in the range are Peppermint and Spearmint flavours, which can be bought in individual rolls, in multipacks of 4, and also in cases of 40 rolls. 

Spearmint flavour is only available at limited outlets, which includes Amazon.co.uk. and ebay UK.

Extra Strong Minis Peppermint Sugar Free are also available, which come in a plastic box. 

Other mint sweets manufactured by Trebor are Soft Mints.

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The distinctive packaging with the red Trebor star logo is instantly recognizable to consumers. There are two flavours, with Peppermint sold in green and white packaging and Spearmint in blue and white.

According to packagingoftheworld.com, Trebor redesigned the packaging and wrappers in August 2015, giving its whole range an updated, fresh new look.

The packaging has seen a more recent update since then, and currently features a larger Trebor text with the silver surround being replaced by a green, 3D shadow effect. The "Extra Strong" wording is now included just underneath the logo, rather than on the right-hand side.

Trebor Extra Strong Mints. 1 roll of Peppermint and 1 x Extra Strong Minis sugar-free

Image: Trebor Extra Strong Mints Peppermint in 2023, including Extra Strong Minis Sugar Free


Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Starch, Natural Mint Flavouring, Gelatine, Stabiliser (E415). Labelled as suitable for vegetarians.


Each individual sweet contains 40 kJ / 9 kcal. There are usually 17 sweets per roll, and 100g contains 1677 kJ / 395 kcal.

Side Effects

As with any sweet product, Extra Strong Mints should be consumed in moderation. Some sources online suggest that excessive consumption may produce laxative effects, which are caused by sorbitol in the sugar-free version. However, standard Extra Strong Mints do not currently contain sorbitol, although you should always check the packaging before consumption, of course.

A WebMD article about peppermint states that "peppermint oil reduces spasms in the digestive tract".

The mints contain sugar, of course, and eating too much sugar causes weight gain and tooth decay.

TV Adverts

In the 1980s, the comedy actor Stephen Fry appeared in a British TV advert for Extra Strong Mints, in which he is travelling in a hot air balloon which is losing height and is about to plough into the side of a mountain. He consumes an Extra Strong Mint and then blows upwards, which lifts the balloon over the mountain tops. The ad ends with the slogan "You'll be glad you had an Extra Strong Mint". 

Another advert in 1988 was set on a steam train, in which two British soldiers from the 19th century are being chased by a group of what look like Native Americans on horseback. The commander eats one of the mints and blows into the coal boiler, firing up the engine and enabling them to escape. The advert was filmed in the Jordanian desert, Wadi Rum.

Trebor Extra Strong Mints wrapper design from 1985, green and yellow text with white background

Wrapper design from 1985

Alternative Brands

The main rival brand is XXX Extra Strong Mints, which is currently owned by Valeo Confectionary, although these contain pork gelatin and are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. There are many other classic mint sweet brands in the United Kingdom. These include Murray Mints, Tic Tacs, Fox's Glacier Mints and Polo.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Trebor Extra Strong Mints.

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