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Chilled Nostalgia: Wall's Ice Lollies from the 1970s
Eight Wall's ice lolly wrappers from the 1970s.

In the 1970s, Wall's ice lollies became an iconic symbol of British summertime. As children played in the streets and families flocked to parks and beaches, the distinctive chime of the ice cream van heralded the arrival of these colourful, frozen treats. 

Wall's, already a beloved name in the world of ice cream, expanded its offerings with an array of innovative and delightful ice lollies that captured the imaginations and taste buds of a generation. From the simple yet satisfying Orange Fruitie to the Doctor Who themed Dalek's Death Ray, Wall's ice lollies not only provided a refreshing escape from the summer heat but also embedded themselves into the collective memory of the 70s.

How many of these ice lollies do you remember from back in the day?

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Wall's Champions ice lolly wrapper, red, white and blue


Football themed food was popular in the 1970s and 80s, with products including United chocolate biscuits and Smiths Football Crazy snack. Lyons Maid produced a tri-coloured Goal! ice lolly in red, yellow and green colours. However, Wall's Champions ice lolly had a distinctive British design with red, white and blue colors.  

Wall's Choc Top ice lolly wrapper from 1970s. Yellow, vanilla flavour

Choc Top

Choc Top was a cylindrical ice lolly with the top half covered in a chocolate flavoured dip. It came in vanilla and strawberry flavours, with the latter having a pink wrapper.

Wall's Cider Barrel ice lolly wrapper, green

Cider Barrel

A cider flavoured ice lolly in a green apple-coloured wrapper which, in reality, contained apple flavouring and no alcohol. Wall's biggest rival Lyons Maid also produced a Cider Barrel and Cider Quench. 

Wall's Daleks Death Ray ice lolly wrapper from 1975

Dalek's Death Ray

A chocolate and mint flavoured ice lolly especially for Doctor Who and sci-fi fans. This wrapper from 1975 featured a competition on the rear to win one of five life-sized daleks for your school.

Wall's Jelly Jumbo ice lolly wrapper featuring a red elephant with a yellow bird on his back

Jelly Jumbo

Perhaps, the only lolly to feature an elephant, which made it very memorable. This was actually an ice cream on a stick which contained a jelly ripple. The lolly was red with the top half covered in a chocolate flavoured coating.

Wall's Jubilee Special ice lolly wrapper from 1977. Ft. Union flag graphic, red, white and blue.

Jubilee Special

In 1977, just about everything turned red, white and blue, and this limited edition iced lolly featuring the Union Flag was launched to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee. The wrappers now sell for around £65 on eBay and are very rare.

Wall's Lemonade Fizz ice lolly wrapper, green with yellow text and an illustration of a glass of lemonade and two straws,

Lemonade Fizz and Lemonade Sparkle

Tasting like a glass of fizzy lemonade but even more refreshing, these were an ideal choice for a hot summer's day. Quite why the Fizz wrapper was the colour of a lime instead of a lemon is baffling. There was also a very different Lemonade Fizz wrapper which was green, white and yellow and did not contain the illustration of a glass of lemonade with two straws.

Wall's Lemonade Sparkle ice lolly wrapper, black and green
Wall's Little Imp ice lolly wrapper, brown with an illustration of a little devil with pitchfork

Little Imp

A devilishly tasty fruit-flavoured ice lolly from the 1970s. Lyons Maid produced a Red Devil ice lolly. As you can see on the wrapper, the price was 5p, making it a handy budget choice if you only had a 5p coin in your pocket.

Wall's Monkey Bar ice lolly wrapper, yellow with illustration of a brown monkey wearing red shorts and a striped T-shirt

Monkey Bar

The title of this ice lolly features a clever play on words, with monkey bars being found in many playgrounds. The top half of this ice cream lolly was red and strawberry flavoured, with the bottom segment being yellow and banana flavoured.

Wall's Orange Frutie ice lolly wrapper from 1970s, black with illustration of orange halves

Orange Frutie

A thirst-quenching orange flavoured iced lolly which was a favourite of mine back in the 1970s. It was a rival to Lyons Maid Orange Maid. The jet black wrapper with orange halves was very distinctive and eye-catching.

Wall's Red Arrow ice lolly wrapper from 1970s with illustration of the Red Arrows planes

Red Arrow

A strawberry and vanilla ice lolly with a theme based on the RAF Red Arrows acrobatic display team. Air shows were hugely popular in the 1970s, and a free aeroplane was given away with the lolly, which could be launched using an elastic band.

Wall's Sea Side Saucy, ice lolly wrapper, front and rear view

Sea Side Saucy

This wrapper contained similar humour to the saucy postcards that could be bought at the British seaside resorts. Both the front and rear of the wrapper contained a different saucy joke. A strawberry flavour ice cream on a stick with a strawberry jelly centre and a coating of sugar balls.

During the 1970s, saucy British humour was very popular, not only on postcards and ice lollies, but also in the Carry On films and the Benny Hill TV show.

Wall's Sky Ray ice lolly wrapper from 1970s

Sky Ray

The rocket-shaped Sky Ray lolly was similar in shape to a Lyon's Maid Zoom. It was launched in the 1960s and came with collectable Doctor Who adventure cards. The top half of the lolly was red and the bottom half orange. However, a yellow segment was added to the bottom later on in the 1960s. In 1970, a fourth segment (stage), making it red, light orange, yellow and dark orange.

We hope you have enjoyed discovering (or rediscovering) the cool, sweet magic of Wall's ice lollies in the 1970s.

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