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What Chocolates are in Revels?
Bags of Revels chocolates in a display box, with loose chocolates

Revels feature the unique concept of combining various flavours and fillings in one bag, creating a mix of surprises for consumers. So, what chocolates are actually inside a bag of Revels?

The assorted, bite-size chocolates are currently malted milk (Maltesers), chocolate (Minstrels), coffee crème, orange crème, raisin and toffee. However, the mix of chocolates was quite different when Revels were introduced in 1967.

Originally, Revels included orange, toffee, peanut, coconut and chocolate centres, the latter being Galaxy Counters. The Counters were eventually replaced by Minstrels, the coconut was replaced by coffee, and the peanut was eventually replaced by raisin.

Revels are produced by Mars, Inc., the same company that makes other well-known chocolate brands such as Mars Bars, Snickers, and M&M's. They are particularly popular here in the United Kingdom.

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Rubber in Revels

Finding rubber in your Revels is not something that is likely to whet your appetite, but on 1st December 2023, The Food Standards Agency announced on their website that "Mars Wrigley UK recalls various Revels® products because they may contain small pieces of rubber". The product recall applied to 71g, 112g and 205g bags and share pouches with various 2024 best before dates.

1978 TV Advert

A TV advert that aired in the UK during the late 1970s, compared a Big Value Pack of revels against an unbranded box of 24 chocolates. The chocolates are removed and replaced by the revels, which fill the box. The narrator announces "For about 15 pence less you can buy over 100 milk chocolates" and came with the tag line "There's bags more for everyone".

2001 TV Advert

This "Take a Chance" TV ad featured a martial arts theme and was pretty long compared to the average advert, lasting for close to 1 minutes and 30 seconds. Two men (One British, one Chinese) are competing with each other by picking out a chocolate from a bag of Revels. The first one to consume a chocolate flavour they didn't like was the winner. The Chinese guy loses after choosing coffee flavour. It came with the tag line "Revel in it".

Mars were acknowledging that not everyone likes the coffee Revels, although I adore them!

In 2010, Revels were advertised in the UK with the tag line "Making life less predictable".

Revels advert from 2010 with slogan Making life less predictable

Coffee flavour removed in 2008

The coffee flavour was actually removed in 2008, after the public voted for one flavour to be "evicted" from the bag. An ad campaign featured an eviction in the style of the Channel 4 TV reality show Big Brother. The actual show was won by Rachel Rice in this year. The coffee Revel was replaced by a limited edition flavour which was strawberry, but only temporarily. Close to 50% of voters chose coffee.

Revels wrapper from 1978, brown with white oval and red logo font

Revels wrapper design from 1978

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