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Whatever Happened to Toffo Sweets?

Toffo is a popular brand of toffee sweets that was originally produced by the Mackintosh's confectionery company, which was founded by John Mackintosh in the United Kingdom. Sold in tubes (rolls), the brand became particularly popular during the 1970s and 80s. In fact, there was even merchandise made bearing the Toffo branding, including a tubular pencil sharpener and a pencil case.

Toffo was originally named Toff-O-Luxe, and was first introduced in 1964 by John Mackintosh & Sons Ltd. They were made in Halifax, England, and based on Toffe De Luxe, which were sold in tins. The name was changed to Toffo in 1975.

Mackintosh's TOFFO wrapper from the 1970s, red with orange and white lettering

Toffo wrapper from the 1970s

The sweets are known for their chewy texture, and the Mackintosh's version were individually wrapped in waxed paper wrappers and sold in tubes. In the 1970s and 80s, the packaging was a distinctive red colour with gold/orange title lettering, and this made it easily recognisable on sweet shop shelves. 

Mackintosh's was a well-known confectionery company with a rich history. They were responsible for creating other famous sweets, such as Quality Street and Rolo. They merged with Rowntree's in 1969, before the Nestle takeover in 1988.

When did they stop selling Toffos?

Toffo sweets were discontinued by Nestlé in 2008, as part of a rationalisation strategy - the company had acquired Mackintosh's in 1988. This decision disappointed many fans of the sweets. They hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up enjoying them, and they are often remembered as a nostalgic childhood favourite.

2020 Relaunch

Toffo became available to buy again in 2020, bearing the Nestlé name, and was sold by GB Gifts online. However, the company is no longer trading. 

Where can I buy Toffo?

Toffo is still being sold in certain countries and is available to buy in the UK from a limited number of online outlets. Toffo can be bought from Joe's Sweetie Barn in 19g mini rolls. There are also a limited number of suppliers selling Toffo on ebay

Two Nestlé Toffo mini rolls from 2023, with red and gold wrapper design

The latest Nestlé Toffo Original Toffee mini rolls


As well as the standard toffee version with the red wrapper, there was also an Assorted Flavours version which came in a blue wrapper with multicoloured lettering. These were a particular favourite of mine, and the flavours were banana, strawberry, chocolate and plain toffee. I wasn't particularly a fan of the artificial banana taste, but adored the chocolate flavour.

A Toffo Mint was also available and came with a green wrapper with pink lettering, which was later changed to yellow lettering in the 1990s with a brand-new wrapper design.

A Chocolate Toffo launched in 1998, and came with a brown wrapper with yellow lettering.

All flavours were discontinued in 2008, and only the original toffee flavour is available to buy today

Mackintosh's Toffo Assorted Flavours Wrapper. Blue with  multi-coloured lettering with yellow shadow

Toffo Assorted blue wrapper from the 1980s


Western cowboy themed Toffo adverts appeared on British TV during the 1970s and 80s, and included the slogan "Go get 'em Floyd" and "What a man’s gotta chew". Some sources mistakenly suggest this slogan was associated with Texan chocolate bar, which is false.


This is the latest list of ingredients in Nestlé Toffo; Glucose Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Palm Oil Butter, Salt, Artificial Flavour (Vanillin), Soya Lecithin, Milk Fat. May contain Nut Traces.

Please note that this list is subject to change. Always check the label before consuming.

Nestle Munchies and Mintola

Toffo pencil sharpener from the 1980s, tubular shaped

Toffo pencil sharpener from the 1980s

Mackintosh's Mint Toffo wrapper from 1970s and tube from 1990s

Mint Toffo wrapper designs from 1970s and 1990s

Mackintosh's Toff-o-Luxe wrapper, red with gold lettering

Toff-o-Luxe (1964-1975) was the original version of Toffo

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