15 Dec
Where Can I Buy Fruit Club Biscuits?

Originally made by Jacob's, McVitie's Fruit Club biscuits have been enjoyed by many generations of British consumers since the 1970s. However, in recent times, they appear to have mysteriously disappeared from UK stores, leaving loyal fans of the fruity chocolate snack wondering what has happened to them.

McVitie's Fruit Club pack of 7, with unwrapped biscuit enlarged

Confusingly, an image of Fruit Club is currently displayed on the Club page of the official McVitie's website, with links to leading British supermarkets. However, site visitors are disappointed to discover that none of the stores that McVitie's have linked to, actually stock Fruit Club, leaving them wondering where they can actually buy their beloved biscuits.

Unfortunately, McVitie's Fruit Club was discontinued in 2021, which means they are no longer available to buy anywhere. However, there are three flavours which are still available; Orange, Mint and Salted Caramel.

McVitie's announced the sad news on 21st June 2021. In a reply to milkfarmerphil on Twitter (now X), they stated “Hi Philip, unfortunately our Fruit Club biscuits have been discontinued”. 

There is currently a petition on Change.org to “Bring Back Original Clubs and Fruit Clubs”, which has close to 300 signatures, as I write.

There have been hundreds of tweets about Fruit Club's disappearance. Sian A tweeted “Does anyone know where fruit club biscuits have gone? They seem to have vanished”. 

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Screenshot of McVitie's announcement on Twitter about Fruit Club biscuits

Quite why McVitie's has chosen to leave an image of Fruit Club on its website is anyone's guess, but could it be that they are planning to reintroduce them at some point? We can only hope so!

Other Club biscuits that have disappeared over the years include Club Milk (Original), Club Plain, Club Coffee, Club Wafer and Club Honeycomb.  

Interestingly, Club biscuits are still made by Jacob's in Ireland, although the company is better known for its Cream Crackers in the UK.

Best alternative to Fruit Club

A recommended alternative is Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit, which although classed as a chocolate bar, has a similar taste and texture. It features five solid chunks of smooth, milk chocolate with delicious raisins and crunchy biscuit pieces, giving a very satisfying taste experience. 

Old wrapper from a Jacob's Fruit Club (1980s), purple and white

Wrapper from a 1980s Jacob's Fruit Club

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