Mark Nobes

Site Owner and Chief Editor

Hi everyone. I'm a 55-year-old blogger and website developer from Worcestershire in England, UK. I have a huge passion for British confectionary. I'm also officially stuck in the 20th century. I decided to create Facts About Sweets to share with you my knowledge of sweet nostalgia. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time on here.

Hannah Johnson

Writer and Confectionary Expert

Hannah is one of the UK's leading experts in sweet history, and specialises in writing about the history of confectionary, more particularly sweets (candy) and chocolate. "Hi sweet fans. I am a chocaholic in every sense of the word, with a huge passion for history and nostalgia. My favourite choccie bars are Galaxy and Flake but I'm also a sucker for a liquorice allsort."

Rebecca Dale

SEO Expert (and daughter of Hannah)

Hi there. I am responsible for getting this site seen by Google, and I also love retro sweets, which I'll be eating plenty of while working on this website. I'm currently addicted to coconut mushrooms!