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Top 10 Facts about Galaxy Chocolate

The original rich and creamy Galaxy chocolate bar is a firm favourite here at Facts About Sweets, and so we decided to bring you our Top 10 facts about Galaxy chocolate.

Galaxy Smooth Milk and Smooth Caramel chocolate bars

1. Galaxy was launched in the 1960s

The original Galaxy bar was introduced by the American food giant Mars Inc. in 1960, followed by Galaxy Ripple in 1969. 

During the late 1970s, a TV advert filmed on a sheep farm promoted the chocolate bar as being "Full of good, natural things" with the slogan "Gives you a share of country goodness".

During the 1980s, a very different series of TV adverts was launched which came with the slogan "Why have cotton, when you can have silk".

These days, Galaxy is made from 100% responsibly sourced cocoa. The flagship range of chocolate bars includes Smooth Milk, Smooth Caramel, Salted Caramel, Smooth Orange, Crispy, Honeycomb Crisp and Cookie Crumble. 

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2. Galaxy is the third best-selling chocolate bar in the UK 

Despite being very much a classic chocolate bar, Galaxy remains as popular as ever, and is currently the third best-selling bar in Great Britain. However, it has never been able to claim the top spot from its main rival, Cadbury Dairy Milk. Lindt Lindor is currently in second place.

3. Galaxy beat Dairy Milk in a blind taste test

Although most polls put Cadbury Dairy Milk on top, when it came to an actual blind taste test, Galaxy won! The test was conducted by Sensory Dimensions in 2021, with the result showing that 56% prefer Galaxy, with 76% saying it was "smoother".

4. Galaxy chocolate is popular across the globe

Galaxy is sold globally, with countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, The Middle East, Morocco, India and Pakistan.

5. Galaxy Bubbles is lighter than both Wispa and Aero

An aerated version named Galaxy Bubbles was launched in 2010, as a rival to Cadbury Wispa and Nestlé Aero. Bubbles is the lightest and least calorific of the three chocolate bars, weighing in at 31g with 169 kcal (710 kJ). Wispa weighs 39g with 210 kcal (880 kJ), with Aero being the heaviest at 46 g and 220 kcal (920 kJ). So for your waistline, Galaxy Bubbles wins hands down.

Galaxy bubbles chocolate bar without its wrapper

6. Galaxy went vegan friendly in 2019

With the ever-increasing trend for vegan products in the United Kingdom, a vegan version of Galaxy was introduced in 2019, which is both dairy free and gluten free. Simply named Galaxy Vegan, the range includes Classic, Crumbled Cookie, Salted Caramel and Orange. There is also a Galaxy Vegan instant silky & smooth hot chocolate drink.

7. There's a Galaxy digestive biscuits range

Never seen them before? They launched in December 2022, but were originally exclusive to ASDA stores. However, they are now more widely available, so go and check the biscuit isle at your local supermarket for Galaxy Milk Chocolate Digestives and Galaxy Orange Digestives. If unavailable, they can be bought on Amazon.

A packet of Galaxy Digestives Orange

8. In the 1980s, Galaxy Minstrels were just Minstrels!

Back in the 80s, Minstrels did not have the Galaxy branding and were known simply as Minstrels. A series of TV adverts used the slogan "they melt in your mouth, not in your hand", and emphasised the fact that the crispy outer shell stopped the chocolate inside from melting. 

9. Galaxy Smooth Caramel launched in 1994

This was the first chocolate bar in the Galaxy range to include a soft filling. The gooey caramel combined with the thick, creamy chocolate coating may be too sweet for some, but chocolate heaven for fans of the bar.

10. Galaxy Fusions was introduced to the range in 2021 

In 2021, the luxurious Galaxy Fusions range was launched, and includes Blonde Chocolate with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Meringue and Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa.

A single Galaxy Fusions bar in wrapper, dark chocolate with raspberry meringue

I hope you enjoyed reading our top 10 facts about Galaxy chocolate. You may also like our post Top 15 Facts About Snickers

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